Big Kenny and his wife, Christiev, have adopted a son! The couple revealed to People that Dakota Jefferson Holiday Alphin, joined their family in July.

"When they put Dakota in our arms, he has the most beautiful smile, and the moment Kenny started talking to him, Dakota lunged toward him," says Christiev of the now nine-month-old boy. "We both looked at each other and it was like, 'Of course he is our son.'"

Dakota joins big brother, Lincoln William, who is now 4 1/2. They decided to adopt domestically after unsuccessful attempts to have a second child.

"Having Lincoln as an only child was wonderful but I come from a large family and I didn't want him alone," says Christiev. "Even when Kenny and I were dating I asked him about adoption and he said absolutely, so our hearts and minds were open."

Lincoln's heart and mind are also open, it seems. "Lincoln is in love with him," says the proud mom. "He says Dakota is going to play keyboards in his band. He's aware of a beautiful responsibility."

As for Big Kenny, his workload may be getting heavier -- as his sets his sights on the situation at home and all over the globe -- but he's used to it. In an exclusive interview with The Boot in 2009, Kenny revealed, "I probably work even harder now. I feel another sense of responsibility now. I've got a career -- it's not going anywhere -- but what can I do with it? [Lincoln] drives me to work harder, work smarter. But now when I wake up exhausted from that, I'll go, 'Wow, I'm a lucky son of a b----!' But really, when I see other children, I automatically think of my son. I'd do anything to take care of him, so why shouldn't we take care of them all over the world?"


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