An intensely personal touch separates Kane Brown's best songs from the rest of the singer's country music catalog. The "What Ifs" singer opens up in often astonishing ways, but the top songs on this list are somehow still universal.

"Used to Love You Sober" was how most people met Brown — that is, if you weren't already keenly aware of his country covers on Facebook prior to the track's 2015 release. Despite a fast-growing digital fanbase willing to fill up clubs across the southeast, he struggled with his first five radio releases. His self-titled debut on Sony Music Nashville had been out for three months before he even released what would become his breakthrough hit, "What Ifs" — but now, he's riding a streak of No. 1 hits.

Album cuts make up the majority of this list of Brown's best songs. We asked readers and fans to share their favorite songs from Kane Brown, Experiment and either of his two EPs, and a few really stood out. This list of 10 songs is sure to change as more singles get released and as new music comes:

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