The Boot looks back on some of the best country music videos of 2010 as we close in on the last quarter of the year. These are the clips that make you laugh, make you cry and realize some of your favorite singers are also fantastic actors!

10. 'Mine,' Taylor Swift

In this 2010 country video, Taylor Swift takes fans through the course of a whirlwind romance in a gorgeous setting, as the video was filmed on the coast of Maine. The budding relationship -- with actor Toby Hemingway -- hits a rough patch and then bounces back in a big way. A wedding! Babies! It's another Taylor Swift fairytale.

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'Just by Being You (Halo and Wings),' Steel Magnolia

Steel Magnolia's latest video is a whimsical scenario where the duo perform in the middle of a wooded forest while two children play in the background. As the video progresses and the song builds up power, the children and the singers turn into angels, growing their wings.

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8. 'Little White Church,' Little Big Town

What starts off to be a happy scene, as Little Big Town's Karen Fairchild dresses up for her wedding, quickly turns into a tongue-in-cheek storyline that leaves the viewer hanging on to see what will happen next. After joining up with her fellow bandmates on the walk to the church, Karen arrives at the altar, but no groom is there waiting. He was gagged and stuffed in the trunk for the band to do with as it pleases, courtesy of his would-have-been mother-in-law.

7. 'Voices,' Chris Young

'Voices' is a family-oriented tune, so it was only natural when it came time for Chris to shoot his video that he included his entire family, including a snapshot of his sister Dot, who recently enlisted in the US Marines. A heartwarming video for any family.

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6. 'Dear Mr. God,' The Warren Brothers

Known for being two of Nashville's most sought after songwriters, Brett and Brad Warren were hand-picked to pen the theme song for the faith-based film 'Letters to God.' The result was 'Dear Mr. God,' and the video was an emotional and powerful walk through some of the movie's most tearjerking scenes -- ranking it among our best country videos of 2010.

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5. 'Water,' Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley proclaims his love of water in the video for his recent hit of the same name. From kiddie pools to wet T-shirt contests, the video covers all the joys of H2O. The notoriously funny country superstar brought even more color to the video by performing with his band in a pool, instruments and all.

4. 'Pray for You,' Jaron and the Long Road to Love

For his debut release as a solo artist, Jaron delivered possibly one of the most comical -- and most talked about -- songs of the year. Due to the popularity of the song, two different videos for 'Pray for You' were released. The first video below has Jaron as the bad guy with actress Jaime Pressly ('My Name Is Earl') as his angered girlfriend. Jaron plays the victim in the second version, getting cosmic revenge on an ex.

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3. 'Stuck Like Glue,' Sugarland

Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush channel their inner comedians in Sugarland's video for 'Stuck Like Glue.' Jennifer plays the role of a wild-eyed, crazy stalker, obsessed with staying close to her ex-boyfriend. After a few extreme measures, Jennifer finally bags her beau -- literally -- to reclaim what once was her territory.

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2. 'Only Prettier,' Miranda Lambert

Laura Bell Bundy came up with the concept for her pal Miranda Lambert's latest video, in which she also stars alongside Kellie Pickler and Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott. Set at a 1950s-style high school sock hop, the country beauties play dual roles as members of two rival cliques -- the "socials" and the "greasers."

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1. 'Free,' Zac Brown Band

Always proud to support our heroic troops overseas, the Zac Brown Band pay tribute to those fighting for our liberty with their video for 'Free.' The moving video -- No. 1 on our 2010 country videos list -- highlights special moments from the band's recent visit overseas, showing an up-close and personal glimpse of what American servicemen and women face on a daily basis.

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What are your favorite country videos of 2010?

Tell us what would make your list in the comment section below.

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