The best of the Bellamy Brothers is now in a four-disc set. The legendary duo have teamed up with Reader's Digest for the release of 'Let Your Love Flow: The Ultimate Bellamy Brothers Collection.' The 60-song compilation includes the siblings' most beloved hits, from the crossover title track to the novelty smash, 'If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body (Would You Hold It Against Me),' along with fellow chart-toppers 'Redneck Girl,' 'Sugar Daddy' and 'Old Hippe.' (See all four discs' track lists below.)

"We feel like this box set is one of the best overall compilations we've ever released," says David Bellamy. "The song selection covers everything from the biggest hits to never-before-released tracks."

"Having the opportunity to team with Reader's Digest on this project is a real honor for us," adds Howard Bellamy. "I can't think of a better outlet to release these 60 songs. We love what they do and a lot of their readers are fans of our music. It's a perfect fit."

'Let Your Love Flow: The Ultimate Bellamy Brothers Collection' is available here.

Let Your Love Flow: The Ultimate Bellamy Brothers Collection Track Listing:

Disc One

1. Let Your Love Flow

2. If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body (Would You Hold It Against Me)

3. Redneck Girl

4. Old Hippie

5. I Need More of You

6. Do You Love as Good as You Look?

7. Dancin' Cowboys

8. When I'm Away From You

9. Crazy From the Heart

10. Feelin' the Feelin'

11. Sugar Daddy

12. For All the Wrong Reasons

13. Kids of the Baby Boom

14. I'd Lie to You for Your Love

15. I Could Be Persuaded

Disc Two

1. Get Into Reggae Cowboy

2. Lovers Live Longer

3. Forget About Me

4. Country Rap

5. World's Greatest Lover

6. Rip Off the Knob

7. She Don't Know She's Perfect

8. Crossfire

9. Cowboy Beat

10. I Love Her Mind

11. She's Awesome

12. You Ain't Just Whistlin' Dixie

13. Rebels Without a Clue

14. Big Love

15. Where's Your Brother?

Disc Three

1. You'll Never Be Sorry

2. You're My Favorite Star

3. They Could Put Me in Jail

4. Too Much Is Not Enough

5. Hillbilly Hell

6. I'll Give You All My Love Tonight

7. Santa Fe

8. Almost Jamaica

9. Center of My Universe

10. Guilty of The Crime

11. Jalapeños

12. Let's Fall in Love Again

13. Blue California

14. Save Your Love

15. Mexico Came Here

Disc Four

1. Love By the Moon

2. Back in the Day

3. Heart of My Heart

4. Blame It on the Fire in My Heart

5. Strung Out

6. After the Storm

7. I Wish I Had You

8. The Fires of Time

9. Where Did the Common Sense Go?

10. Lost in Ireland

11. Up and Away

12. Our Love

13. Trust Me

14. Spanish Bible

15. What a Country

Watch the Bellamy Brothers' 'Jalapenos' Video