September is a bittersweet month for kids. Summer is over, and it's time to hit the books again. The Boot recently asked some of your favorite country stars about their fondest memories of back-to-school time.

Luke Bryan: "I always enjoyed Friday night football games in the fall. Going to the games and the homecoming stuff ... it was always a fun time!"

Randy Houser: "I always got to get a new pair of shoes or a new pair of boots. [laughs] That was the one time of year we could get a new pair of boots!"

Uncle Kracker: "I never looked forward to school coming up. I was always afraid. For some reason every year I thought going into a new grade was going to mean a whole new batch of kids. I used to always think, 'What if nobody knows me? What if I don't know anybody?' I don't know why, but for some reason every year I never thought that it was going to be the same. In a weird sort of way, I guess I was sick of summer at the same time. As a kid, I couldn't wait for some sort of structure when it came time for school. I think that's what I dug the most."

In this exclusive video below, Blake Shelton, Laura Bell Bundy, Chuck Wicks and more share their high school senior superlatives.


Jimmy Wayne: "Josh Conrad was my best friend. We fished together, cruised Franklin Blvd. in Gastonia, N.C. hollering at the girls together, double-dated together ... we did everything together! He had a muscle car -- a Mustang. It was the first day of school. I was living with his grandparents, Bea and Russell Costner. He pulled into their drive, and I jumped in. He put the car in reverse and accidentally backed over the hill down into his yard beside his dad's bedroom window. His dad worked the graveyard shift. It was raining and neither of us wanted to get out and push the car. Josh gave it gas. The glass packs made it sound like a drag racing car. All the spinning and sliding tore up his dad's immaculate yard. The worse was yet to come. His dad ran out on the front porch in his underwear and began yelling! He then made both of us get out of the car in our new school clothes and white high tops and push the car while he steered. Unfortunately Josh got behind the tire that was rooster tailing mud. The car then moved forward as Josh went chest and knees first on the ground. I laughed so hard the entire first day of the 11th grade."

Aaron Tippin: "My favorite school memories were after school memories when I would jump off the school bus run as fast as I could to the house to drop off my school books. I'd grab my 410 shotgun and my dog, and head for the woods till it got too dark to see. Then, I'd head home and see what was left of supper!"

Michelle Poe (Burns & Poe): "Being the nerd I am, my favorite memory was looking forward to my college statistics

class. It was my most favorite subject and I aced it! Also my flying lessons were also a reason to look forward to school being back in session!"

Keith Burns (Burns & Poe): "Lunch and graduation night!"

Carolyn Dawn Johnson: "My favorite thing about going back to school was going shopping for supplies and clothes. I remember that we got to pick three new outfits, and they basically had to last the year unless we grew out of them! Then getting all the new pencils, erasers, scribblers, etc. It was awesome. You'd fill your book bag with all this nice, new stuff ... loved it!"

Brian McComas: "My biggest memories are all based around football. The air just feels and smells different in the fall where I grew up in the Ozark mountains. We always had our first game the first week of school. Back to school to me meant back to football!"

Bridgette Tatum: "I always collected pencils ... the strongest, the brightest and the most intimidating pencils I could find! Why? I looked forward to getting back to school and pencil fighting the guys. I usually won!"