Ava Rowland currently finds herself living a life that she could previously only dream of.

The Ohio native is continuing to climb the steps toward country music stardom in the future thanks to songs such as “He’s Like a Habit” and “Mama’s Favorite Song.” But with her new single “Ghost,” she's taking a moment to look back at the past.

“While writing ‘Ghost,' it was important to highlight the fact that we all have a past,” Rowland shares of her haunting new single, which is premiering exclusively on Taste of Country and The Boot. “We have all made mistakes throughout our lives, and as long as we learn from them, there is nothing to be ashamed of.”

"Ghost" is a somewhat timely tune, given its release mere days before Halloween. The song delves into the idea that while we may sometimes find ourselves wading through a long list of past transgressions, its usually those missteps that end up teaching us the most.

"Ghost" begins with a haunting melody, the moves back and forth between beautifully eerie interludes and strums of a guitar that bring a sonic calm to the song. Rowland’s angelic vocals tell an all-too-common tale and take the song to new heights.

“We are all human,” Rowland reflects. She co-wrote "Ghost" alongside fellow songwriter Britton Cameron, and adds of the song, "Although we may see a ‘ghost’ from time to time, that is not who we are today."

It’s this "bright side" attitude that continuously shines from within Rowland, whose distinctive voice, uplifting aura and stop-in-your-tracks beauty conjure up comparisons to a young Carrie Underwood or Taylor Swift. But while it's easy to place the rising star, who cut her teeth everywhere from Nashville’s legendary Bluebird Café to CMA Fest, in that box, the talented woman is proving she is so much more.

Fans can keep up with Rowland at AvaRowland.com.

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