Ashlyne Huff self-titled debutNewcomer Ashlyne Huff is finally set to release her self-titled debut on Tuesday (May 11). The album, originally slated for an April 27 release, was pushed back by two weeks, but Ashlyne made it up to her fans by offering them a free download of the album track, 'Love Is War.'

While she may be new on the scene, country music is definitely something that runs in Ashlyne's blood. Born in Glendale, Calif., she is the daughter of producer and session guitarist, Dann Huff, who is responsible for producing albums by a who's who list of country stars including Faith Hill, Keith Urban and Rascal Flatts. Dann has also played guitar for Jimmy Wayne and Martina McBride, among many others.

Ashlyne had a hand in writing every song on her upcoming release, which is a stellar pop effort that showcases her flair for storytelling. "The songs are pop, but I'm from Nashville. I write like a country singer," she explains. "I'm inspired to do three things in my songs: change a bad mood into a good one, represent an experience in a relationship that anyone's had, and let whomever is listening know that he or she is not alone feeling the way they do about it."

The result is a collection that captures a range of moods and emotions, like the spunky first single, 'Heart of Gold,' which calls out a relationship-phobic guy and lets him know what he's missing out on. "I write about what I know, and what I don't know. Not all of my songs are about things that have happened to me, but they deal with things I've thought about a lot and want to get out of my system."

More information on this rising new star and her debut album can be found on Aslyne's official website.

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