As a musician, Ashlie Amber knows what it's like to be separated from the one you love. Her new song "Runnin'," premiering exclusively on The Boot, celebrates that euphoric feeling of being on the way back to that special someone.

Amber penned "Runnin'" about a now-ex-boyfriend from her hometown. They dated for several years, she shares, and although they are no longer together, they had "an incredible relationship that I felt like celebrating."

"I think if you’re not sprinting with excitement to get home after a long trip away from your partner, then you’re probably in the wrong relationship," Amber says, adding, ""Runnin’" celebrates being in love and all those little extra steps we do to stay in love."

Bright and energetic, "Runnin'" came to Amber on the sixth day of a two-week writing binge. The Hunger Games fans will catch a nod to the series' main couple, Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark, in the pre-chorus (Amber is a big fan).

"I’m runnin’, runnin’, runnin’, runnin’ to get to you / You got me flyin’, flyin’, flyin’, flyin’, hope you feel it too," Amber sings in the chorus. "You’re my favorite drink, pour it up, can’t think / I’m drunk on you / You’re my Denver boy, my hometown joy, three times heart you ..."

A Thornton, Colo., native, Amber's resume includes roles in musicals such as Avenue Q and Rent, as well as time spent headlining a Whitney Houston tribute show on a cruise ship. These days, she's working with producer Jamie Tate on her first album of country music.

“I'm not trying to be anybody else other than who I am. Country music isn't about wearing cowgirl boots and having twang. It's about good music. It's about great stories. … It's about connecting with your audience and just being honest and true with yourself," Amber told Forbes in January. She continues, "I don't want people to see me as just the Black country singer. I want people to see me as an artist. It just so happens that, in addition to all of those things, that I'm Black."

"Runnin'" is due out widely on Friday (Aug. 27). Fans can keep up with Amber at

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