Ashley McBryde is enjoying a steady climb into country music notoriety, but the pathway to fame isn't all sunshine and roses. The rising star shared on Twitter early Tuesday morning (Oct. 10) that her rental car had been broken into. Her tweet is a sassy message to the thieves.

In her tweet, McBryde reveals that the car burglars made off with one of her guitars and some promotional materials. A black-and-white photo attached to the tweet shows McBryde shooting a disapproving glare over the top of some patriotic sunglasses.

"Dear a--holes that broke into the rental and stole my guitar and our promo gear,
Enjoy my Copenhagen," McBryde writes. "I hope you get scurvy. Love, Ash."

In a follow-up response on Twitter, McBryde appeased fans' worries about the stolen guitar: The one that the thieves took was not her beloved Dinah, but a backup. (McBryde named her 2016 album Jalopies and Expensive Guitars, so it's no surprise her fans would be worried about the stolen instrument.)

McBryde is currently on tour and had recently played a show in Jacksonville, Fla., at the Florida Oktoberfest & Music Festival, when her gear was stolen. The up-and-coming artist recently signed with Warner Music Nashville and is celebrating the major-label release of her single "A Little Dive Bar in Dahlonega," which is also based on a bad day involving a vehicle mishap.

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