Ashley McBryde released her major-label debut album, Girl Going Nowhere, in March of 2018. The achievement was hard-earned: To get a sense of the work she's put into her career and the setbacks she's had to face, all fans have to do is listen to the songs on the album.

Every milestone -- from finding a fan in superstar Eric Church to hearing from fans about all the ways in which her music has positively impacted their lives -- is a major reason to celebrate for McBryde. As she's a longtime country music fan, it seems fitting that she marked one of the milestones most important to an up-and-coming artist -- hearing herself on the radio for the first time -- in Nashville, in her truck, surrounded by the people who helped her write the song.

Read on to learn more about how McBryde celebrated hearing herself come on the radio for the first time.

I was on the patio at Loser's Bar & Grill in Nashville, on Division Street. I heard ["A Little Dive Bar in Dahlonega"] come on, and I ran across the street to the Blue Bar, because that's where my truck was parked.

I got my two co-writers, Jesse [Rice] and Nicolette [Hayford]. We jumped in the truck and turned on the radio, and sat there together and videoed ourselves hearing ourselves on the radio for the first time.

Oh God, [of course we posted that video]. It's on Facebook. We were all sitting there thinking, "I can't believe this is our song!"

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