A song titled "Love Can Go to Hell" sounds sinister, but Ashley Gearing says that the tune from her recent self-titled EP is not really as scorn-filled as it may seem.

"When you hear the title, it sounds so harsh, and it sounds so mean and hating on love or a person that did you wrong, but it’s really not," Gearing tells The Boot of the track, co-written by Brandy Clark and Scott Stepakoff. "It’s kind of just stating the fact that you can be on this roller coaster of love."

While Gearing says that she herself as "never been so scorned by love," she notes that plenty of her friends "have lived this song."

"I just wanted to release it for them," the singer notes, "and for everyone that love has been really amazing [to], but [has] also been to hell and back."

In the spirit of the tune, and to have a little fun for Valentine's Day, Gearing has launched a website, LoveCanGoToHell.com -- "a place where you can joke about being single, and it's okay," she explains. Visitors can enter to win money, or send an ex black roses.

"They’re actually really pretty. I have some at my house," Gearing insists. "They’re not dead, they’re just dyed black, so they’re almost like velvet."

"Love Can Go to Hell" is available for download on iTunes.

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