Anne MurrayAnne Murray made several surprising admissions in her recent biography, 'All Of Me,' including an affair with a married man, crippling stage fright and an 20-year battle with a stalker. Now, the normally private singer is detailing even more of her personal life, including financial losses and what life is like now for the famous Canadian.

Even as she was rising to stardom, including becoming the first woman to win a CMA Award for Album of the Year, it was an entirely different experience outside the music business that gave Anne the self-confidence she craved. "Once I had my first baby, I felt like I could conquer the world," she tells CMT. "For some reason, giving birth seemed to empower me. I felt as though I could do anything. That's when I really went for it. I can't even explain the feeling because I never had that feeling before."

Perhaps, she admits, that confidence went a little too far. Acting as part-entertainer and part-entrepreneur ultimately caused a huge financial loss for the star. "Millions. I did lose millions, and I deserved to lose millions because I didn't know what I was doing," she acknowledges. "I was in over my head, and I was so busy doing other things that I let it get the best of me. I do not lose sleep at night thinking about these things now. They're in the past. They're gone, and they happened. But they are like little regrets."

Although Anne made the decision to retire after releasing her final album, 'Duets: Friends and Legends,' she's not exactly relaxing on her rocking chair these days. In fact, she remains as active as ever. "I'm keeping fit to stay alive and stay moving because I have a very bad back. I'm very, very fit. I'm trying to stay erect and remain agile. There's nothing like getting up in the morning doing exercise to get you started in the day and getting on with your life. It's a wonderful thing. And I highly recommend it."

'All Of Me,' which recently landed at No.2 on Canada's best-seller list, can be ordered here.