Annalise Emerick is releasing her new single, giving The Boot readers a first glimpse at the track.

'The Sun and The Moon' is the debut single off of Emerick's first full-length album, 'Field Notes,' which is set for release on Sept. 16.

“I wanted to paint the picture of a couple sleeping in bed together," Emerick tells The Boot of the track. "It’s early morning, and one wakes before the other. It’s early enough that the sun is not quite up yet and the moon has not quite set, and in that brief moment, they get to share the sky."

The singer, whose last EP debuted at No. 9 on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart in 2011, got the idea for the song while her boyfriend was on tour with Missy Higgins and Gotye a few summers ago.

"He came to Boston to visit me and we only had a few days to spend together in between show dates," she says. "I dropped him off at the bus on their last night, and as I was driving away, the inspiration just came to me. A couple should complete each other, and what better way to illustrate that than by using the sun and the moon -- total opposites on completely different schedules, but each an equal part of a greater whole.”

The inspiration for 'Field Notes' came from the last few years that Emerick has spent on the road, touring almost non-stop.

“I’ve grown so much in the past three years,” she says. “I’ve traveled across the country playing show after show, learning new things and meeting new people, collecting stories and experiences… and that’s where these songs come from. This entire album is an amalgamation of all that. These are all stories from my travels. These are the field notes taken from my journey.”

'Field Notes' is available for pre-order on Amazon. A list of upcoming tour dates is available here.

Listen to Annalise Emerick, 'The Sun and The Moon'