Nashville-based Andrew Leahey & the Homestead have a music video for their song "10 Years Ago" to share, and The Boot's readers get to see it first.

The "10 Years Ago" video portrays the life of a touring musician -- not one with glitzy tour buses and a million-dollar stage production, but one of grit and sweat, euphoria and loneliness, hellos and goodbyes.

"I've spent so much much time on I-40, the east-west highway that cuts a line across the country. "10 Years Ago" was written while driving down that interstate, at the start of an East Coast tour," Leahey tells The Boot. "It's all about hindsight, brake lights, late nights."

He adds, "We tried to capture those themes in the video, too -- to avoid a linear narrative and, instead, show both the highs and lows of life as a touring musician."

"10 Years Ago" comes from Leahey and company's new record, Skyline in Central Time, which is set for release on Aug. 5 via Thirty Tigers. All 11 of the project's tracks were written by Leahey after an emergency 12-hour brain surgery to remove a life-threatening tumor. Unable to tour, he spent his recovery period penning the album's songs.

"I wanted this record to be raw and real," Leahey says. "I wrote the songs myself. I recorded them with my own band. I could've hired a group of Nashville sidemen to come record with me instead, and it would've sounded good — but it wouldn't have sounded like the Homestead. This is a real snapshot of what I went through and who I went through it with."

Skyline in Central Time is Leahey & the Homestead's first album to be released in partnership with another company, leaving behind half a decade as an independent act. The disc was recorded in Nashville, Tenn., at Cartoon Moon Studio and produced by Ken Coomer, a co-founding member of Wilco.

For information on upcoming tour dates, visit Andrew Leahey & the Homestead's official website.