In early 2017, Americana singer-songwriter Andrew Combs made waves with the sci-fi-inspired music video for his single “Blood Hunters.” The song’s brooding and laid-back vibe earned Combs plenty of buzz, but it also inspired a number of questions, most of which relate to the video’s creepy alien antagonist (readers can watch the clip above).

In an interview with The Boot, Combs shared the story behind "Blood Hunters," which appears on his April 2017 release Canyons of My Mind. Read on to learn about the harrowing post-tour experience that inspired the song.

This one is about losing your mind. It came out in a haze of post-tour blues -- this being the 24-72 hours after you get home from tour, in which you find yourself restless and somewhat deranged. The 180-degree flip in movement, conditions and sleep patterns does this to me every time. Usually, I just hole up and try to write or paint. My wife, who is the most understanding and kind person I know, goes with the flow; in fact, she has told me before that she expects a good 48 hours of abnormal behavior before we both settle into being in the same space with each other.

Anyways, I lost it during one of these episodes. I thought everyone and their mother was out to get me, including myself. I was sure all my friends were looking for favors and certain members of my business team were trying to take advantage of me. I even thought my loving wife was untrustworthy -- that she had a whole other life on the side. It is humorous now, looking back on it, but it wasn't funny then.

So, they say, write what you know. And I did. And it became "Blood Hunters."

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