America’s Got Talent returned on Tuesday (June 20) for another night full of auditions. One of those auditions impressed judge Howie Mandel so much that he automatically advanced the group to the live shows.

What impressed Mandel? A highly synchronized artistic dance number presented by Murmuration. Murmuration is a large dance group comprised of 65 members who all — despite being blindfolded — move in perfect synchronization.

For their time on the AGT stage, one member stood in front of the rest of the group. His snaps and movements triggered a response from the rest in the form of incredibly sharp gestures.

Press play below to just how perfectly each member moved in unison:

The audition was something truly unique to the America’s Got Talent stage that prompted Mandell to tell the group that their mesmerizing movements were contagious. While offering his feedback, he explained that watching the group perform made him want to “do something.” From his seat, the judge began mimicking Murmuration's clean arm and hand movements. Soon after breaking out moves of his own, Mandel got out of his chair and slowly made his way to the center of the judge’s desk.

It then became clear that the “something” Mandell wanted to do was press the Golden Buzzer. When pressed by one of the judges or the show's host, Golden Buzzers send the contestant to the live shows later in the summer. Murmuration earned the fourth Golden Buzzer of Season 18, joining previous awardees singer Putri Arianithe Atlanta Drum Academy and the Mzansi Youth Choir.

Other acts from Tuesday night included a contortionist, puppeteer, a group of acrobats and Dani Kerr, a country music hopeful from North Carolina. America’s Got Talent airs throughout the summer on Tuesday nights at 8PM ET on NBC.

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