Sept. 11-16, all things Americana will be celebrated in Nashville, at the 2018 Americana Music Festival. The festival's six days are always chock-full of panels, parties and showcases; fans of Americana music would have to try pretty hard to not find at least a few events in which they're interested.

About 300 artists will be playing shows throughout AmericanaFest 2018; fans can head over to the Americana Music Association's official website for details on the lineup and how to get into the festival's numerous events. Of course, many events overlap with each other, which means Americana Music Festival attendees need to have a plan -- or at least some idea of how to make the most of it all.

To help with that, The Boot went straight to some of the people with inside knowledge on AmericanaFest: the artists who have played it. Front Country, Eliot Bronson, Whitney Rose and more kindly shared their tips for AmericanaFest attendees. Both festival newbies and veterans can learn a thing or two from their advice; flip through the photo gallery below to read what they had to say.

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