Former "American Idol" contestant Kristy Lee Cook has heard about the ruckus the new judges for the show are making, and she isn't impressed. Following the release of Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey's on set blow up, various personalities are beginning to question the sincerity of the uproar, and this former 'Idol' is no exception.

"It's television, they like drama and will do anything for drama," Kristy Lee tells The Boot. "I think some of it is phony. I'm not going to sit here and lie. They've changed it up so much now that they've got have something to keep people wanting to watch the show. I think it's all for show. All the years that Mariah's been around, I've never seen her bash someone and not get along with them. She was a pretty sweet girl when I met her."

As for the decision to bring in higher profile artists as judges over the past few years, the 28-year-old thinks they will bring great guidance to the contestants: who the show is really about. "I think they're really just trying to keep people watching it, because it's been going every year," she explains. "Now, I think they just want people who have a good background and following, just so they'll tune in to watch them as well. I think they'll be great guides though, and that's what they're supposed to be."

Despite the drama, Keith Urban -- who has the honor of sitting between Nicki and Mariah -- is defending both of his cohorts. "I love it ... I love working with passionate people," the "For You" singer told "Extra" in regards to the outburst. "I love artists. Everyone just sort of expressing themselves. It's a very alive and very invigorating work environment. A lot of passion."

As for Kristy Lee, she's got new music coming out this month. "Airborne Ranger Infantry," is the first tune from her debut project on Broken Bow Records, and is out Oct. 15.

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