California singer-songwriter Amanda Kate is premiering the music video for her new song "Gypsy" exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play above to watch and listen to this upbeat ode to wanderlust.

In her "Gypsy" music video, Kate shows off all kinds of experiences, from driving down the highway in a vintage Chevrolet to a girls night out to strolling on a gorgeous beach. "I love the way this video turned out because it's just me on the move -- just like my life," she reflects.

Co-written by Kate, her mother and Chris Carothers, "Gypsy" explores the artist's own desire to travel the world, whether that's hanging out in the Rockies or listening to live music in Nashville, Tenn. "I can't seem to land anywhere that I can call my home / 'Cause I get the itch to move no matter where I go," Kate sings.

"I could be happy riding horses on a range in Colorado / Smilin' on a beach in Waikiki / Gamble, South Dakota / Hitch a ride to Oklahoma / Steamboat down the Mississippi," the song continues. "I'm a gypsy."

According to Kate, the nomadic inspiration for "Gypsy" comes from her own life. "I have moved over 50 times, and part me has always loved the thrill of moving and changing the scenery," she admits. "Some see it as a stressor to move, but I’ve always seen it as a new beginning!"

Based in Orange County, Calif., Kate spends tons of time performing, whether it's with her band the Country Club or as the lead singer of Blown Away: A Tribute to Carrie Underwood. In 2019, she released her debut album, Time, on which "Gypsy" appears.

Fans can keep up with Kate via her official website. There, they'll find more details on new music, tour dates and more.

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