A song is often a powerful part of a memory -- but, sometimes, those memories can ruin those songs. It's a fact Alyssa Trahan knows all too well.

Trahan's song "My Favorite Song" was written after she realized a favorite song had been rendered totally unlistenable because of a memory associated with it. However, when she and fellow artist Tony Lucca got in a writers' room together, they decided to create an entirely new song out of the experience.

In addition to co-writing "My Favorite Song," Trahan also produced the track. Below, she shares the story behind the song, in her own words.

I've always thought it's so cool how a song can just attach itself to something, whether it's a person or a memory, or really anything that happens in your life, and whether it's good or not so good. And that happened to me in a not-so-good way.

I had a fight with somebody, and during the time of this fight, there was this song that was on the radio, it seemed like, 24/7; it seemed like it was the only song that they were playing at the time. And I loved it: I would jam to it in my car and sing along and play it all the time.

And then, just because of the timing, I guess, my brain started to associate the song with this fight, and that literally ruined it for me. Instead of singing along and jamming out to it, I can't listen to it anymore, because it just brings back the pain and the bad vibes of that fight.

I thought that was so crazy, so I brought this idea into a writing session with Tony Lucca, and he loved the idea, so we ended up writing it that day. We wrote it pretty quick: I think it only took us maybe an hour, maybe an hour and a half or so.

As soon as we finished writing it, I loved it. I was so proud of it, and I knew that someday I was gonna want to release it as an artist ...

I hope that if people listen to it and that if they can relate to it, I hope maybe it can kind of ease that heartbreak a little bit, and maybe replace that favorite song that was ruined. I just hope it's something that people can jam to even if they're heartbroken.

WATCH: Alyssa Trahan Shares the Story of "My Favorite Song"

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