Allie Colleen was excited to hear one of her songs on the radio when her superstar dad, Garth Brooks, added it to his SiriusXM channel's playlist. However, the rising singer admits that it was a whole lot more exciting to hear one of her songs come on the radio in the middle of nowhere -- even if the DJ pronounced her name wrong!

Read on to learn the story of the first time Colleen heard her song on the radio, told in the artist's own words.

I have gotten to hear myself on SiriusXM: My dad was kind enough to add me to his channel. So I got to hear myself on that, which is really cool, but it's also hard to be excited about that, for me, because it's like, "Thanks, Dad, for queueing me up! Appreciate it!" You know?

But [other than that], I got to hear it for the very first time [by surprise] kinda going through the middle of nowhere, between Colorado and [Nashville], going across those midland states, coming back home from a festival that we went and played. And getting to [hear it] come on, and hear the person announce my name -- and say my name wrong -- and play the song, it was the coolest thing that had ever happened.

I thought it was so special. I thought it was so cool. It was a little insight into what will hopefully become the norm for us.

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