Letting go of an ex is complicated. Alexandra Demetree captures that onslaught of emotions in her fourth single, "Outta My Head," and she is debuting an acoustic performance of the tune exclusively on The Boot.

The video was shot in a warehouse located in Nashville's Germantown district, providing the perfect simple backdrop for the acoustic performance, and was directed by Brian Harstine.

"We were really going for a more stripped-down, urban look when shooting this video, considering it was an acoustic one," Demetree tells The Boot. "I saw pictures of this warehouse and knew that it was a perfect backdrop; it had a lot of natural light and was an interesting venue, but I also knew it wouldn't distract from the song either."

"Outta My Head" features confessional lyrics such as, "I wake up in an empty bed / This was all for the best, we said / But I don't know how to let go / I know I should take your pictures down / And try to wrap my brain around / That it's over, 'cause i know that it's over." But perhaps the most powerful aspect of the tune is Demetree's astonishing vocal range: She hits seemingly impossible notes with incredible ease.

Though the video is quite simple, the emotions of "Outta My Head" shine through -- which is eactly what Demetree had envisioned.

"The concept behind the video was to showcase the emotion and musical validity behind "Outta My Head" in an organic way," she notes. "I've loved this song from the beginning, but getting to go back and make an acoustic version of it was a fun challenge for me, and I loved getting to put a visual component to it in the form of this video."

"Outta My Head" is currently No. 60 on the MusicRow chart. Fans can download the song on Demetree's website.

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