Fresh off the announcement of the release of Southern Drawl, Alabama's first album of new tunes in 14 years, the group is releasing their brand-new single, "Wasn't Through Lovin' You Yet."

"It got my attention the first time I heard it, and I asked to hear it again two and three times and knew it was powerful," lead singer Randy Owen tells People. "It can be a guy talking to his girlfriend or wife, or it can be the three of us talking to our fans. Either way, it is a wonderful song, and we got to put the magic Alabama harmony on it."

The 65-year-old admits that recording Southern Drawl took some time, hinting that the trio felt added pressure because they might be nearing retirement.

"It was amazing to walk back into the studio, but it was also scary because we did not know if it could be the final time all three of us record together," says Owen. "We took our time to do this right and recorded over six months."

Still, Owen, Teddy Gentry and Jeff Cook are listening to their fans as they prepare to release their latest set of tunes.

“I’m so thankful people care about the music we made,” Owen says. “They still come to the concerts, and they’re very enthusiastic. Hopefully, this new music will be something they’ll enjoy. I put everything I had in it.

“It’s amazing that three people who see the world through very different eyes could come to the decision to put together and get it done and do a new CD,” he adds.

After Alabama's When It All Goes South was released in 2001, the threesome found that their lengthy break from making records actually made them stronger when they finally did reconvene.

"We had a decade break from recording as a band, [and] all three of us felt that we had more to say and more music and songs floating around in our heads to share with the world and our fans," Owen explains.

Southern Drawl is set for release on Sept. 18. Listen to "Wasn't Through Lovin' You Yet" below.

Listen to Alabama, "Wasn't Through Lovin' You Yet":

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