Country up-and-comer Adam Doleac spent years fueling his music career and paying his dues in the business, even -- thanks in part to an injury -- opting out of a career in baseball in order to focus on performing and songwriting. Before he became known as an artist, though, he found success as a Nashville songwriter, earning cuts by artists such as Darius Rucker and Kane Brown.

Some of Doleac's biggest career milestones, however, revolve around his successes as a burgeoning performer. To learn more about one of those moments, read on as Doleac describes the first time he ever heard one of his songs on country radio.

I was at the beach with my family -- my mom and my girlfriend and my brother -- and we were all headed to eat. It was, like, 6:30 at night. We were in my mom's car, driving to go eat, and it came on for the first time.

I'm not a big "freak out" person; up or down, I don't get really freaked out. But, you know, I've kind of learned, all of the six or seven years you spend trying to get to these moments, [and then] when it sinks in and it actually happens, you're like, "Wow. We did it. We finally did it."

But I remember that one being special, especially because I was with my family and so many people that have done so much to help me get to that spot. It was a song called "Whiskey's Fine." It was my first single as an artist, and it was on SiriusXM['s satellite radio station] The Highway.

[These days when I hear myself on the radio], I don't get weirded out. I'm never gonna turn myself off -- I turn that sucker up!

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