Adam Doleac originally released "Famous" as a single before he signed with Sony Music Nashville in October of 2019. However, following his jump to the major label, the track continued to build on the airplay it had already received during Doleac's tenure as an independent artist.

"Famous" was inspired by a comment about Doleac's girlfriend, MacKinnon Morrissey, a Nashville native -- but it wasn't Doleac who made the remark. Below, the singer shares the story behind the song in his own words.

My little brother -- his name's Alex -- he was in town, in Nashville, and we were taking -- me and my girlfriend, MacKinnon, were taking him out. I think it was his birthday, and we were taking him out to a nice dinner. And this was early on in me and MacKinnon's relationship, so he had never really seen her very dressed up. And MacKinnon's very much the tomboy type: She just kinda puts her hair up and wears athletic clothes a lot, which I love. And that's the only way he had seen her.

So we were getting ready for dinner. Me and Alex were downstairs, and she came walking downstairs, kinda all dressed up, and Alex turned around and looks up the stairs and says, "Damn, you look famous!" And he said that -- I know the story would be better if I was the one telling my girlfriend she looked famous, but, oh well, this is what actually happened.

And so he said that, and I remember loving -- I always love song titles that take you different places than you expected. And I love the angle of making somebody who isn't, per se, famous -- if I'm the one singing onstage, it isn't about me being famous, it's about the crowd feeling it, you know? I love making someone else feel famous for three minutes.

So I wrote that down in my phone ... and I think we ended up writing the song, I think, the next week, because I thought it was a cool word. I love titles; I love a cool title. And then I wrote that song with Andy Skib, who's my producer, and Bobby Hamrick ...

It was just one of those that, it's the smallest song I've ever put out, as far as production ... and it was one of those that, I got the demo back, and I listened and I listened and I listened, and I just continued to listen, and I couldn't get tired of it at all. And that's when we decided, "Okay, if we can listen to it 200 times and not be tired of it, then there must be something here," and we put that out, and it was just a blast to watch it take off for us.

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