In May of 2016, Adam Craig released his debut, self-titled EP; on Feb. 6, he will officially release one of its five tunes, "Just a Phase" -- a somber, slightly soulful song about a dead-end relationship -- as a single.

The lyrics of "Just a Phase" put into words that agonizing feeling you get when a relationship doesn't feel the way it that should, when you realize that the relationship will eventually run its course. The song starts off slow and relaxing before Craig's soothing voice comes in, singing about a tough subject.

"You don't really love me / You just think that you do," Craig sings. "I'm just a phase you're going through."

As "Just a Phase" progresses, Craig plainly lays it out: There isn't going to a be a future to this relationship because, among other reasons, he's "a Friday night" and she's a "Sunday afternoon." Readers can press play below to hear the whole song.

In addition to releasing his new single, Craig has been keeping busy by playing shows with Luke Bryan. The up-and-comer performed at Bryan's Crash My Playa concert vacation in Mexico in January and is slated to hit the road with Bryan for the Kill the Lights Tour this month.

Craig's Adam Craig EP is available on iTunes.

Listen to Adam Craig's "Just a Phase"

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