Over the past year, Abby Anderson has been rapidly hitting career goals -- and dreaming up new, bigger milestones to replace them.

"One of my big goals last year was to play the Opry, and that happened," she tells The Boot. "And then one of the other ones was to get more of a crossover tour, and that happened with Rob Thomas."

Anderson will hit the road in 2019 as opening support for Thomas' Chip Tooth Smile Tour, a jaunt that kicks off at the end of May. Not only is she excited to share the stage with an artist who falls outside the country realm, but the singer says that she's been a fan of Thomas' music ever since she was a kid.

"My dad introduced me to his music when I was, I think, 14. Because of that, I got into Matchbox Twenty," Anderson explains. "So I kind of did the reverse thing [instead of getting into Matchbox Twenty first]. I love his music, and I'm thankful he's giving me the opportunity to open for him and let me share his audience with him."

The cross-genre audience makes the Chip Tooth Smile trek particularly meaningful: "I mean, I will always consider myself a country music artist," Anderson continues, "and I listen to pop. I listen to everything! I feel like my music is a melting pot of all of that. I have some songs that aren't necessarily quote-unquote country.

"I think the Rob Thomas tour will be an opportunity to play those, to hit a crossover sound," she adds. "So I'm very, very excited."

Having met her bucket list goal of securing a tour that will put her in front of a broader audience, Anderson is going back to the drawing board, dreaming up her next big milestone. "Right now, I'm like, 'Okay! What's next, Abby girl?'" she says, smiling broadly.

"My biggest goal for this year is [to] get some radio play on "Good Lord." Obviously, a No. 1 would be amazing," she admits, "but I'm happy with whatever comes my way."

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