Bucky Covington gets a passing grade for his recent appearance on the hit TV show, 'Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?' Winning $25,000 for his charity, the Arthritis Foundation, brainy Bucky answered every single question correctly in the first round. He admits he considered risking it all for the bonus-round question, and a chance at $250,000, but ultimately was unwilling to chance taking the much smaller consolation prize had he answered the final question incorrectly.

"Just like any good student would do, I called my mom first after the class ended," says Bucky, pictured above with show host Jeff Foxworthy. "Arthritis hits close to home with our family and I had to let her know about the A+ win!"

Bucky participated in the game show as part of a week of appearances by country artists competing for the charity of their choice. First up in the hot seat was Big Kenny, who tried to win the coveted $250,000 prize for his charity, Love Everybody, but missed the final question, resulting in a $2500 donation instead. Tuesday, Heidi Newfield won $14,000 for the National MS Society, after missing a few questions in the first round. The week caps off with an appearance by Jack Ingram tonight, playing for Tom's Shoes, and Emily West who'll play for the Alzheimer Foundation of America on Friday night.

The special country-music edition of the popular game show airs on CMT.