Wynonna Judd admits her life has been anything but calm. But the singer says she's finally made peace with all the chaos in her life.

Still on the road more than 25 years after her debut with mom Naomi as The Judds, in that time, Wy has survived a traumatic divorce, well-publicized battles with her weight and a DUI conviction. But she tells the Chicago Sun-Times she has "finally found the kind of balance I sure could have used in my life back when I was a lot crazier. Not to say I'm not still crazy -- but I'd like to think I'm now crazy in a good way ... plus a lot more at peace with myself."

With the reputation as a singer who can cover a wide variety of styles, from traditional country to powerhouse rock, Wynonna believes fans haven't heard the best of her yet. She says she's "at a very interesting time for my voice. From my rocker adolescence, I've evolved over the years to where I've found a new niche. One day I'm totally rockin', but then I'm crooning Nat King Cole -- or going on that Harley-ride gig I did with Dierks Bentley. I love mixing it all up now, and I think my voice is maturing in a way that is turning it into a much better and richer instrument."

Wynonna now travels with her 13-year old daughter, Gracie, but that, she says, is where the similarities to her own earlier mother-daughter experience ends. "I was such a daydreamer. Music helped me focus. Gracie is very much the opposite. She's already very focused and very aware of what she wants in this world."

And while Wy admits she learned a lot from her mother, she says she doesn't want Gracie to have the same experience she had. Refusing "to play the alpha female stage mother," she feels strongly that she wants "to let Gracie's journey be her own. .. I know it will be different than the one I took with my mom."

Wynonna, who has been performing Cheistmas shows again this season, is rumored to be prepping a Judds reunion for 2010. She's also working on the follow-up to her album, 'Sing - Chapter 1.'