Trent Tomlinson's new bride (pictured left at their wedding) may not have known much about his music when she met him, but she certainly has opinions on the songs he wrote for his upcoming CD.

Tomlinson, who wrote all the songs for his sophomore album, says he played most of the tunes for his wife, Jessica, as he was writing them. "I wrote so many songs and I played her so many songs, it's hard for her to keep up with what I'm doing sometimes," he tells The Boot, adding, "She's a huge supporter of what I do."

The singer met his wife at one of his concerts in Charlotte, North Carolina. He says he pestered her until she went out with him. At the time, Jessica didn't know much about Tomlinson or his music; she had just come to the concert with friends.

Jessica now has favorites from the new project, including 'When The Party's Over.' "I like it because it's different from his other music," she says.

"It's more R&B, kind of a country Marvin Gaye if you will," Tomlinson explains. "I'm taking a lot of chances on this record, doing different types and styles of music. I've always done that kind of stuff, it's just nobody heard it before, so we'll see what happens."

In between writing and recording, Tomlinson has been adjusting to married life and watching his daughter go through all the stages a baby completes in its first year of life. Harleigh is into everything, according to the proud father. "She's learned to pull herself up, so she'll be taking off walking before long. She's just great, she talks nonstop, and I've never seen a happier baby in my life. And I'm not being biased, she's a really great child."

Tomlinson admits there have been some changes in his lifestyle because of his new family. "I'm not out partying near as much," he admits with a laugh. "It's not about me anymore, I've got a family to look after, a wife and a daughter. I've got to make money; Harleigh's gonna want a car when she turns 16!"

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