Although it's been a year since Trent Tomlinson has had new music on radio, his fans have been getting a special preview of tunes from his sophomore album all summer long.

"I've never stopped touring, so I've played the new songs live to my fans. I have gotten a huge response and huge reaction and I know they'll be there for me," Tomlinson tells The Boot.

Tomlinson says music on the new disc, due next year, will reflect his new lifestyle. Earlier this year, the Missouri native moved to Lake Norman, North Carolina and married Jessica Lowman. The two have a 10-month old daughter, Harleigh.

"It's more of the same kind of music that was on 'Country Is My Rock,' yet it's more about what's going on in my life now," the singer/songwriter says of his new album. "My life has changed since I got married and have a new baby, so there's a lot of songs about family, songs about my wife, songs about living life ... But there are still drinking songs on there though!"

Tomlinson's debut album came out in March of 2006 and yielded several hits, including 'One Wing in the Fire,' 'Just Might Have Her Radio On' and 'Drunker Than Me.' The singer says he is realizing the pressure that a sophomore album brings to the table.

"The sophomore album is always a huge deal, and then for me to have been off for a year, it's an even bigger pressure cooker," Tomlinson acknowledges. "I do really feel confident in the songs on the record. And I've maintained a great relationship with country radio so I think they'll be there for me as well. It's a pressure cooker but at the same time I know what I've got on this record is great, so if they'll play it I know we'll be successful."

Tomlinson will release the first single, 'That's How It Still Ought To Be,' in January. He describes the upcoming release as his thoughts on how things were better ten years ago.

"It's basically saying the way it was is how it still ought to be. We should sit down and eat dinner with Mama and Daddy without the television on. It's that sentiment and it's a really good song."