Trent Tomlinson has a lot to look forward during this holiday season, including spending time with his growing family, wife Jessica and daughter, Harleigh, who turns two in January.

"I hate not being here," Trent tells The Boot. "I'm sure my wife hates a lot of things about me being gone all the time, too. But we manage to try to be the best and do the best for the sake of Harleigh. When I'm home, I'm watching her for mom, and when I'm gone, she takes care of the baby. It's a little hard on the both of us because we don't really get to spend much time together, but we're making it work."

Trent says he's hopeful that after a few more hits songs, he'll be able to take the family with him on the road by bus. But his immediate plan is to put the brakes on until 2010.

"During the summertime I'm pretty much gone all the time, and it slows down during the winter months," he says. "So I get some time [during the holidays] to catch up with the family and the stuff I've missed all summer."

One family tradition in the Tomlinson household during Christmas includes waiting for that perfect snowy day in North Carolina, where they currently reside, and taking a drive to the Smoky Mountains, where they pick out and cut down their Christmas tree.

Trent's latest single is 'Angels Like Her,' from the forthcoming album, 'A Guy Like Me,' slated for release next year.