Trent Tomlinson says he can out-shop any woman when it comes to finding cool clothes. That's a good thing because he and his wife, Jessica, recently opened a clothing boutique in Mooresville, N.C.

"I'm gonna get into designing some stuff later on, but right now we go to market to find clothes," the singer/songwriter tells The Boot. "Jessica is a fashion major and a model, and this is something she's always wanted to do. It's hard to open a new business in today's climate but we've done well so far, so we'll see what happens."

Tempt Boutique, which opened the day after Thanksgiving, features men's and women's clothing. It is located on Lake Norman, so the couple also plans to offer unique swimwear this spring and summer.

"Because we're by the lake, we're gonna get into cute bathing suits," Tomlinson says.

The Missouri native moved to North Carolina after he and Jessica got married. He's been involved in the whole process of opening the store, including going to market to pick out the clothes they sell.

"You can't get something just because you think it's cool, you have to make good sound decisions about what to buy," Tomlinson explains of his shopping strategy at market.

When Tomlinson isn't helping Jessica at Tempt, he's busy promoting his new single, 'That's How It Still Ought To Be.' The song is from his upcoming album, as yet untitled, which is due in June.