The Band Perry are putting the finishing touches on their third studio album, which they say will be revealed very, very soon.

"We're going to have a big announcement," lead singer Kimberly Perry hints to Taste of Country.

While the trio, which also includes brothers Reid and Neil Perry, isn't sharing many details, they do say that the new record will be different than their previous two projects.

“We always make albums very visually,” Kimberly Perry notes. “Our first album, we had pictures of county fairs on our mind, very romantic things. On Pioneer, we envisioned marching bands and armies moving forward together; it was a very intense album.

"This album, we're dreaming in color," she continues. "Everything is so colorful and enthusiastic and happy. We’re walking out of the studio with giant smiles on our faces."

The three siblings hint that there might be a few surprise guest appearances on the new set of tunes as well.

"We've learned so much as songwriters, and we've also made a lot of new friends that we've brought into the writing and recording room," Kimberly Perry says, adding that one collaboration will be a big surprise.

"We're working on an 11th hour one that will be pretty exciting," she adds. "There are some very unsuspecting country music fans out in the world -- some folks you have no idea are obsessed with country and cowboy boots and cowboy hats.”

Although they are keeping some surprises, the threesome did already disclose one collaboration, with The Voice coach Pharrell Williams, as well as some details about their co-writers.

“For this new record we’re actually, we’re mixing it up. We have a lot of interesting things happening. You know, the co-writes are one thing we’ve gotten really excited about as well,” Kimberly Perry notes. “There’s a new girl that’s been here in Nashville writing, her name is Audra Mae, she’s a very spirited young lady. So we’ve just made a lot of new writing friendships, and we can’t wait for you guys to hear it.”

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