Taylor Swift thrilled fans on January 3 when she appeared for almost 30 minutes on the syndicated Rachael Ray show, candidly answering questions about her life, style and career.

Three fans in attendance -- including one whom had been in a life-altering bike accident -- had the opportunity to meet and speak with the 21-year old superstar at various times during the show. And Taylor, dressed in a classic black-and-white dress, reached out with words and gestures to everyone while seated at the perky host's kitchen table on the set. Here's just some of what she shared with the viewing audience:

Of the two teenage girls who had makeovers to look like Taylor and shared their array of Taylor memorabilia: "I was sitting backstage and getting really emotional. The fact that the two of you have included me so much in your life is so moving to me. Thank you so much."

On her Cover Girl makeup campaign: "I used to see Faith Hill [as the Cover Girl spokesperson] and say 'I want to be like that!'"

On first using makeup: "My grandmother was a girly girl and she had all this gorgeous makeup that I'd try. At one time I had black eyeshadow up to my eyebrows (which she stopped wearing when classmates teased her). It's trial and error. Over the years, you discover things that are comfortable."

On the places she loves to visit, even when she's not wearing makeup: "One of my favorite places to go is the grocery store. I really like it that people come up and talk to me. It's a very social experience."

Her favorite recipe: "My favorite is always the last one I have accomplished. The other night I made penne [pasta], capers and chicken with white wine sauce. I was very proud of it."

The next goal she has set for herself: "For me, this year has been me making this record ['Speak Now'] and putting it out and watching what the fans have done and turned this record into. For me, the next step is going on tour and saying thank you to as many fans as possible."

Taylor's next scheduled concert is February 9 in Singapore. For a complete list of her tour dates and venues, check here.