The suspense increases for Taylor Swift fans. The songstress has dropped yet another clue, presumably about her upcoming new album.

The adorable feline is Swift's own cat, Olivia Benson, but what the animal, or the time, or any of the items on the bookshelf -- including the Polaroid camera -- have to do with her next record is anyone's guess. Swift's first clue, released earlier this week, showed her repeatedly pressing the number 18 in an elevator.

Clues aside, the singer says her new album will be a sharp departure from any of her previous records.

“I’m just stoked because it’s already evolved into a new sound, and that’s all I wanted,” she notes. “I don’t think too much about, ‘We need more down tempo. We need more up tempo. We need more mid-tempo on the record.’ Because to me, that seems a little scientific. I just want to make an album that’s well-rounded emotionally.”

Swift's latest album, 'Red,' was released in 2012, and has sold more than six million copies. Multiple unconfirmed sources say the new project will be released on Oct. 13.