Patty Griffin

Patty Griffin’s New Album Came From Hard Times
Patty Griffin has just released another album, ‘American Kid,’ which she admits is one of the more personal projects she has ever recorded. The Grammy-winning songwriter penned much of her latest CD while dealing with her father’s tragic illness and death.
Robert Plant, Patty Griffin Married?
Is Robert Plant married to Patty Griffin? While the news has not been officially confirmed, the iconic Led Zeppelin frontman is certainly hinting that he has tied the knot with the Americana darling.
"I eloped and ran off to Texas," Plant tells U...
Court Yard Hounds Web Chat to Feature Patty Griffin
Court Yard Hounds (sisters Martie Maguire and Emily Robison) will host a live web chat tonight (Tuesday, March 8), beginning at 8:30 PM (ET). The pair will be joined by critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Patty Griffin, who's been touring with Robert Plant as part of his Band of Joy...

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