When it came time for Stewart Eastham to create videos for the songs off his critically acclaimed debut solo album, 'The Man I Once Was' -- including the one for 'Someone New' that The Boot is premiering today -- he selected someone he knew would do a great job: himself.

"Working on music videos is such a treat for me because I get to meld my love of filmmaking with my love of music," says Eastham, who went to film school in Los Angeles. "With my acting background, I enjoy the opportunity to create and play different characters in the videos."

'Someone New' is the fourth video co-directed and produced by Eastham and his partner, Katrena Rochell, who own a production company that focuses on music videos and documentaries.

"The core idea was to do 'tableau' shots ... We’d shoot them like still photographs, yet have me singing to [the] camera as if I was singing directly to the character’s previous lover," Eastham tells The Boot. "We chose picturesque settings around Wayne County, Tenn. for the choruses to also give that sense of still photography versus typical music video photography."

'Someone New''s lyrics are fairly ambiguous -- "I found someone new / And she's nothing like you ... She's just someone new" isn't exactly a glowing endorsement of the narrator's new girlfriend -- and Eastham and Rochell hoped to keep that ambiguity going in the video.

"As alluded to in the lyrics, the character is filled with many, often conflicting, emotions," Eastham says. "We wanted to leave some of it up to the viewer's imagination and interpretation."

And although the song "feels very 'private,'" Eastham says, it's also relatable.

"It talks of a feeling we've all probably had at one time or another, but rarely speak of," he says.

‘The Man I Once Was’ is available at Amazon and iTunes.