Singer-songwriter Stewart Eastham is releasing a video for his new single, 'My Favorite Thing,' and he's letting readers of The Boot be the first ones to see it.

The track is from Eastham's critically acclaimed first solo album, 'The Man I Once Was,' which he released in September. The album's very personal lyrics derive from a hard time in the musician's life, when he found himself at a personal and professional crossroads. A lifelong West Coast resident, the former Day of the Outlaw front man moved from Los Angeles to Nashville, and the new songs reflect that change.

“It’s my ‘L.A. to Nashville’ album,” explains Eastham. “As the song ‘Born In California’ exemplifies, my life has always been based around a series of dichotomies: city vs. country, intellectualism vs. street smarts, freedom vs. security. With the move to Nashville, that dichotomy became literal, snaking its way through many of my songs as well as determining the album’s title and cover art.”

Ironically, Eastham traveled back to L.A. to record with some of his favorite musicians there, under the guidance of producer -- and former band mate -- Burke Ericson. The result is a collection of songs that touches on a wide range of Americana, southern rock and outlaw country, reflecting diverse influences that include Merle Haggard, Townes Van Zandt and Neil Young.

Critics have taken notice of Eastham's lyrics, which draw on his interests in literature and film. No Depression recently called 'The Man I Once Was' a  "deeply fulfilling, wholly genuine experience that can’t be taken lightly and won’t go out of style."

'The Man I Once Was' is available at Amazon and iTunes.