Sarah BuxtonLook for Sarah Buxton's name on what is sure to be one of the hottest movie soundtracks next year. The country songbird is writing songs with Julianne Hough and Blair Daly for the remake of the classic film, 'Footloose.'

That's just one of many irons Sarah has in the fire these days. After her record label, Lyric Street, folded earlier this year, she teamed with Jedd Hughes to form the duo Buxton Hughes. She's also in the middle of the Country Throwdown tour and, perhaps most importantly, is planning a wedding for later this year. So, for now, writing songs for 'Footloose' -- the original of which Sarah saw as a child -- is not her primary focus.

"You have no idea how much our bus is like camp," Sarah tells The Boot. "We don't have any managers or handlers so it's a straight up free for all. Some people are writing on the bus and taking notes. I'm not doing that."

Instead, Sarah is spending her time bonding with other musicians and writers, enjoying fan response to her new music with Jedd and absorbing the different influences other musicians bring to country music. Many of those influences may well add to Sarah's musical arsenal.

"It's a wide range," says Sarah of her influences and those of other country artists. "Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris and Stevie Nicks -- 'Bella Donna' is a country record. And the Eagles -- Don Henley will tell you country music is trying to be like the Eagles. When you hear Carrie Underwood, that is not what country is -- that's what Carrie Underwood is."

While Sarah's ideas for new songs are still percolating, she feels strongly that -- like other songwriters and musicians she admires -- she won't limit herself to a traditional format, even though that's what many radio stations and other media want.

"You hit a breaking point with it at some point. Yes, there are formats and target audiences and I care about my target audience. I don't want to alienate them or abandon them in any way but we can't sacrifice what makes us happy," Sarah insists. "They do want us to be happy."

Happiness is something Sarah, who is engaged to be married, thinks about even more now that her parents just celebrated their 34th wedding anniversary.

"It's not worth it to me," says Sarah of putting work over her personal life. "I want to have a family and make our life balanced. That is all that really matters."

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