Sarah BuxtonSarah Buxton put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into her debut album for Lyric Street two years ago, so when her label elected to shelve it and release a shorter seven-track EP instead, it was a devastating blow to the spunky, young performer (in spite of the disc's semi-comical title of 'Almost My Record.')

The co-writer of Keith Urban's 'Stupid Boy' tells FIRST magazine that the experience actually taught her something valuable, though, on how to find the good in sadness. "I put everything into my first album," she says. "So it was über-disappointing when the label decided not to release it. I went through a really hard time. I saw a therapist and went into all my insecurities. But I got through it because I felt it."

Sarah adds that she doesn't believe in not feeling what's really feeling. "If I'm disappointed and upset, I take a week or a month to be upset. I tell my friends, 'I'm sorry, I'm having a moment and I'm really down about this.'"

Sarah is currently working on a second album, which is due out in 2010.