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Steel Magnolia's Meghan Linsey has to keep her hair looking good for concerts, awards shows and other personal appearances. So how does the blonde beauty maintain those luxurious locks? The singer shares her tress-for-success secrets in this, her latest exclusive style blog for The Boot.

I write to you from the back lounge of a tour bus headed for Ogallala, Nebraska. Charlie, my new little baby puppy, is laying on my lap sleeping. He's like a rag doll when he's tired, he'll just hang any which way and he's out like a light. I can't imagine being as carefree as a dog. What a life! I'm scrambling with what to write this week. The truth is, I've written two blogs for this week and have lost both of them. One on an iPad that was stolen, and one on paper, that I can't seem to find anywhere!

Hmmm ... Where to start? Oh yeah ... my hair!

As a kid growing up in south Louisiana (a/k/a the land of suffocating heat and humidity), I hated my hair! It was frizzy, coarse, and thick and there was nothing I could do about it! I tried flattening irons, curling irons, round brushes, flat brushes and pretty much any and every product you can think of. I also had a tendency to do outrageous things with hair color. When I saw the cover of Kelly Clarkson's first CD, I decided I wanted red and blonde with brown streaks! So, I enlisted the help of my friend Kasey and a couple of boxes of color to do the job. What a disaster! Still, I didn't learn, I continued to try everything from pink and blue streaks to glue-in hair extensions. In fact, the only thing I ever did right for my hair was finding my amazing hairstylist and dear friend, Jon Steinick. I couldn't be more grateful to have him in my life! He keeps my disasters at bay and has helped me hone in on a "signature" look.

Jon has been a stylist for over 20 years; he came in third place on season three of 'Shear Genius,' and has styled everyone from LeAnn Rimes to Poison. That being said, I think with Jon's experience and my years of trial-and-error, the two of us are more than qualified to suggest a few products that we love and use, and think you should, too! So ... (insert drumroll) ... here they are!

Meg's list:

1. Vain Mane Care, and no I'm not just saying that because it's Jon's product ... it really is great stuff! It takes the frizz out and keeps my hair looking healthy and still voluminous. I love it. Check it out at

I also love:

2. TREsemme dry shampoo -- I think dry shampoo may be one of the best inventions in the last few years! Especially, living on a bus most of the time! I use it in between washes. It soaks up the oil and gives you that "just washed" look. It's also great for texturizing if you want to pin it up.

3. Bed Head After-Party Smoothing Cream -- I've used it since high school! I love that it's super light and not sticky. It smooths out my ends!

4. Aussie 3-Minute Miracle -- I use it every time I wash my hair. It's $3 and I have yet to find any conditioner that leaves my over-processed hair as soft and shiny!

5. Calling all BLONDES! Jon and I both love Clairol Shimmer Lights. I use it once a week in between colorings. I just mix it with my regular shampoo and it keeps my blonde looking super fresh!

6. Jon also likes Hot Tools-brand straighteners and curling irons. They're fairly inexpensive and great quality.

7. TREsemme hairsprays are another Jon favorite. It's all he uses at his salon and they run about $3 a can.

8. For added texture, Jon mixes American Crew Forming Creme with his product (Vain Mane Care) when he does my hair.

9. Sometimes a HAT can be a girl's best friend. I love hats and have many! Find a couple you like and keep them around for a rainy day (literally).

10. Just experiment! I recently started wearing my hair in pigtails and side ponytails and sometimes I just start twisting it up and back all different ways and securing it with bobby pins. I really like to wear flowers in my hair too, coincidentally, they are also great for covering mess ups =).

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