Kip Moore has released the long-awaited video for his latest single, 'Dirt Road.' The song is the second single from his upcoming album.

The video begins in a church, with a bored young boy while the sparse congregation sings 'Amazing Grace.' As Moore sings, "So unless it's got a dirt road, leading down to a fishing hole / With a little piece of moonlight, a couple cans of Bud Light / Where I can cuddle with my baby and I can pull her real close / I don't wanna go unless heaven's got a dirt road," a preacher continues preaching while Moore frolics with a beautiful, ethereal blond, far away from the sanctuary.

“The groove of this song is something that really grabbed me,” the singer says. “I actually worked it up with the band on the road, and we played it live that same night. We did that with a lot of the new songs and in a way the live crowds helped shape this album because of that.”

The 34-year-old says the song is about much more than having a good time.

“It’s not about a dirt road and it’s not about beer,” he notes. “It’s more about the rebellion of that youth … when you have that youth and you’re trying to figure out who you are. And it’s that rebellion against what theories and beliefs are being pushed on you kind of thing … The good thing about this song, at least it is pushing some buttons. It’s pushing buttons in a good way and a bad way. That’s fine with me.”

Moore is putting the finishing touches on his sophomore album. He is currently serving as the opening act for Tim McGraw's Sundown Heaven Town Tour, and will also headline his own CMT on Tour: Up in Smoke trek this fall. See a list of all of his shows here.