It's a great time to be blonde and singing country music -- just ask Maxim. The men's magazine has selected some of the world's most beautiful women for their 2009 Hot 100. It's "the stimulus package America really needs," declares Maxim, saving spots on this year's list for three of country music's most striking blond beauties.

"Bust out the rhinestones and belt buckles," proclaims the magazine of their No. 25 pick -- the gorgeous Julianne Hough. The singing and dancing (and soon to be acting?) Julianne comes in one step ahead of Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie.

Taylor Swift, whom Maxim christens "the hottest thing in country since trailer fires" was even hotter this year. She was No. 57 on last year's list and No. 50 for 2009.

Carrie Underwood ranks at No. 60 on Maxim's Hot 100, and is declared "the rare American Idol who sings with a set of cojones."

Other top-ranking musicians on the Hot 100 list include Rihanna (No. 8). Christina Aguilera (No. 14) and Britney Spears (No. 17). Maxim's No. 1 hottest lady this year is actress Olivia Wilde ('House,' 'The O.C.').

Julianne and Taylor also made the grade in PEOPLE's 2009 Most Beautiful list.