Joanna Mosca's brand-new EP, 'Have a Little Mercy,' will be released this August. The songstress says the entire album was focused around the record's title track.

"I just wanted to find the songs that I felt I could connect with, can sing well, and really convey those two aspects to the audience that was the biggest thing," she explains. "'Have a Little Mercy' is one that I really love singing. It shows my sassier side. It's really about a strong woman who, you know, that no matter what happens, she's going to be okay in this relationship."

"We've all been there," she continues. "It's definitely from the point of view of a woman who's loved and lost in her life and is a bit more experienced, but finds herself down this same road again. However, this time she can find humor in the idea of falling in love and being infatuated. She knows the signs of falling too hard and too fast all too well and is like, 'Oh boy, here I go again,' and not quite sure if it's a good idea or a very bad one."

The EP was produced by New Voice Entertainment, which includes members of Jason Aldean's band Rich Redmond, Kurt Allison and Tully Kennedy, along with David Fanning.

"Working with new producers like New Voice Entertainment always gives it a new slant," the Connecticut native notes. "They listened to all those songs that I had chosen and especially liked my vocal on 'Have A Little Mercy.' I think that helped them decide how they wanted to attack the EP musically and which other musicians to bring in. It did set the tone for the whole sound and vibe."

'Have a Little Mercy' will be available on Aug. 19. Listen to the title track here.