Joanna Mosca is releasing a new song, 'Have a Little Mercy,' from her upcoming EP. The tune is her debut single from the new project, which is being produced by the production team at New Voice Entertainment.

"I love the way they approach music," she says. "They're all musicians and their goal was to help me hone a sound that's truly my own."

New Voice Entertainment -- made up of Rich Redmond, Kurt Allison, Tully Kennedy and David Fanning -- is also the team behind several other hot acts, including Thompson Square, Parmalee and Kristy Lee Cook. All but Fanning also play in Jason Aldean's band.

Mosca says the four-man production team nailed her goal for the new project, which was to record music that female listeners would appreciate as well.

"It was important that it include material strong women could relate to, as well as songs that reflect a sense of humor and fun," she notes.

The songstress will return this year to the CMA Music Fest, where she first appeared last year, to perform songs from her 'Let It All Begin' EP.

“It was like Disneyland for country music lovers," she recalls of the event. “Folks had obviously had a good week, enjoyed some great music and were enthusiastic about my songs."

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