Hank Williams, Jr. has a lot to smile about, including his critically-acclaimed new album '127 Rose Avenue' and a Top 10 single, 'Red, White & Pink Slip Blues.' One thing he is not happy about, however, is the label that released his album, Curb Records ... And in true Bocephus fashion, he isn't about to keep quiet about it.

"You want to know the bottom line? This is my last album for Mike Curb," Hank Jr. tells CMT. "He's history."

Citing several different reasons for his anger, the country legend says the label didn't give him the artistic and promotional backing he needed. "They were going to use a picture of me from seven years ago when I was 25 pounds heavier. That was going to be the cover. It was 'Ho hum,' basically. Well, we didn't ho-hum this one."

In spite of his issues with the label, Hank Jr. is determined to get past it and continue with a thriving career on another label home. "We will move onward and upward," he vows. "You just wait. I've had some recording ideas that they didn't care for. Well, there's a lot of other labels that do care about it ... We're going to get off this old, dead sinking ship. One thing about it: You can say, 'The last one he made was damn sure a gem.' I love '127.' We had to do the cover for the album. They didn't do anything. We did everything ..."

After more than 45 years of making music, Hank was content to let other musicians play on most of the songs on his album, with the exception of his cover of his dad's song, 'Long Gone Lonesome Blues.' "I could play on all of them if I wanted to," he says, "but I had to play blues on that one."

An eclectic mix of tunes, from the funny to the serious to the political, Hank even includes a bluegrass song, featuring guest vocals by the Grascals. He also thinks his best songwriting is found on this project. "'Gulf Shore Road' is one of the greatest songs I've ever written," Williams boasts, "and so is 'All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over to Gulf Shore Road.'"

One thing Hank is thankful for is his limited touring schedule, playing only about 20 dates a year, which allows him more time for his beloved outdoor activities. "The bottom line is just like Minnie Pearl said about Daddy. It's all around the fishing and hunting. There ain't a damn bit a difference ...Talent buyers say, 'Well, we'll give you a quarter of a million dollars if you'll come to Denver.' I say, 'S**t no! That's dove season. I can't do that.' And they just look at me like I'm nuts."

On the same day '127 Rose Avenue' was released, 'Here With Me,' by daughter Holly Williams was released, as well as Hank Williams, Sr.'s posthumous release of 'The Unreleased Recordings: Gospel Keepsakes,' making them possibly the only three-generation family in history to release albums on the same day.