Dierks Bentley performed the title track of his latest album, Riser, on Good Morning America on Friday (June 26), singing the song in tribute to the residents of Charleston, S.C., who are mourning the nine lives that were lost in the tragic shooting at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church on June 17.

"The song started off as kind of a personal song about my dad passing away," Bentley told GMA host Robin Roberts, "but everyone’s going through something right now, and they’ve got people counting on them.

"[I'm] thinking about all the folks in Charleston, S.C., right now, what they’re going through," he added. "I can't think of any group in our nation right now that's facing more difficulties, and if there are any 'risers' out there, they're out there leading the way. So this song is definitely for them today."

Bentley acknowledges that "Riser" has been a powerful song for people going through all kinds of struggles and personal setbacks.

“It’s a big song,” Bentley tells The Boot. “It takes different meanings as it goes on.

“… It’s not a song for the dead, it’s a song for the living; it’s a song of resilience,” he continues. “… It’s one of those songs that will always have various meanings. I certainly think about my fans, and people out there, looking out at a crowd of 20,000 people, everyone has some story they’re struggling with, whether it’s bills or their kids, and they’re finding a way to make it happen.”

The Arizona native was also joined for his performance by Maddie & Tae, who sang "Free and Easy (Down the Road I Go)" with Bentley as they walked among the thousands of people who gathered for his concert at Central Park.

Darius Rucker is another country artist who has honored the victims of the tragic event in Charleston. A native of the area himself, Rucker led audience members in singing "Amazing Grace" during a recent show in Cedar Park, Texas, on his 2015 Southern Style Tour.

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