With proven success in both the rock and country genres, you would think that Darius Rucker's versatility would make him an ideal candidate for collaborations with other artists -- but he says that's hardly the case. The South Carolina native says that he'd love to sing with other artists, but the decision is often out of his hands.

"A lot of times management’s not even letting it get to the artist to where the artist can say yes or no," Rucker tells ABC News Radio. "I’ve had some shocking moments over the last few years and stuff where I was turned down from where I was shocked, but, you know, that’s just the nature of the business."

The 48-year-old says that fellow artists will often come up with ideas together, but their plans get derailed when managers and other industry executives get involved.

"When it happens like that, it’s cool," he adds. "But as soon as you call up somebody’s management company, you know, they mess up the coolness of that stuff, 'cause that’s a cool thing."

Rucker isn't the only artist struggling to find collaborators. Kelly Clarkson recently said that she's struggled to get fellow artists to sing on her albums. Rucker, however, says that if she needs a duet partner, he would do it "in a heartbeat."

The former Hootie & the Blowfish frontman is preparing to release a new album, Southern Style, on March 31. The new set of tunes will include his recent single, "Homegrown Honey," which has become his ninth Top 10 hit.

“We wanted to have a little more fun with this record,” Rucker acknowledges. "I think it’s going to end up a little more fun."

Rucker will hit the road this year for his 2015 Southern Style Tour, which is set to begin in mid-May. Brett Eldredge, the Brothers Osborne and A Thousand Horses will serve as his opening acts. A complete list of upcoming dates is available on his website.

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