Carrie Underwood's voice is heard as the closing credits roll during the highly-anticipated 'Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Trader.' The superstar, who penned the song, 'There's a Place for Us,' with hit tunesmiths Hillary Lindsey and David Hodges, calls the opportunity an unforgettable experience, and one she owes to her mother's former career.

"My mom used to read them in her classes when she was teaching. So I was definitely intrigued," Carrie explains to the Wall Street Journal. "The books were very entertaining. You could have a little imagination and still be able to read them and see pictures in your head. When I find books like that I always get very excited."

Thanks to her new role as a movie-soundtrack contributor, the recent bride got a sneak peek of the family-friendly movie before she hit the writing table. "I saw it in its very early stages," Carrie explains. "There was still a lot of green screen going on -- which is always fun. I enjoy seeing things when they're in the process of being put together. And after that, once I was on board because I really enjoyed the movie, it was all about trying to find people who would be a good fit to write with me on it. We then all saw the movie together. For the next four days after that, we went in to write. Just to see if we could come up with anything."

The song admittedly is a far cry from the No.1 hits Carrie has penned for herself, including 'Last Name' and 'Cowboy Casanova.' But the Oklahoma native says her small-town upbringing helped prepare her for the experience. "It really wasn't hard," she insists. "The whole premise of the movie is about this other world and growing up I've definitely felt the way the characters in the movie felt because they're in this place, and they felt like they should be off somewhere else having adventures and having this amazing life and instead they feel like they can never get there. I can definitely relate to the characters, growing up in a small town and having big dreams. It's not like we had to incorporate boats and water into the song. It was more metaphorical. It was about the feeling, not the setting."

The five-time Grammy winner will have her own big-screen debut next year, when she appears in the film, 'Soul Surfer,' opposite Helen Hunt and Dennis Quaid. She admits she has big shoes to fill. "Faith Hill has done some acting, Reba [McEntire]'s done some acting of course," she says. "I can't really think of any country music person who has been in movie that I thought, 'Man, they need to stick to country music!' So I hope I don't burst that bubble right there. No pressure."

Carrie wraps up her extended Play On tour on December 22 in Auburn Hills, Mich. She'll spend the first part of 2011 writing and recording songs for an upcoming album. See her remaining concert schedule here.

'Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Trader' hits theaters Friday, December 10.